Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cairngorm Scottish Team Session.

Had a sick time with The Scottish Team last Saturday learning some new tricks at Cairngorm. Check out and share the edit!

Flachauwinkl edit

Slightly delayed, here is the edit of The Scottish Team out in Flachauwinkl. Check it out and share!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Scottish Championships

Went up to cairngorm last weekend to compete in the Scottish Championships which turned out to be a really good day!  The jump was the best I'd ever hit in Scotland and was great to ride with Lewis McWilliam, Angus Trinder and all the other guys from up north. I qualified 1st into finals which I was really stoked with. The format for the finals was 2 runs, best run counts. Sadly I sketched out pretty bad on one of the rails at the top of the course and missed the grab on my first run which put on a bit of pressure for my second run.
In the rail section I managed to get a 180 on 180 off to the top box into a pretzel 270 off the flat bar. Then on the jumps I was really pleased to land a switch right 720 mute into a switch left 540 safety. In the end I got 1st in the 13-16 age category and 1st overall which I was so stoked with! Here's the link to an edit of the full day- Check out this shot Neil MacGrain got of me in my run-

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Just back from a sick week at the Absolute park in Flachauwinnkl, Austria with the Scottish Freeski Team. Unfortunately we only got one day in the park but was still amazing as the jump was huge and managed to get a few tricks. Luckily the rest of the days were spent riding some really nice powder and helped me work on some technique. Was also good to get some new pictures out there, check them out!(Thanks to Neil MacGrain for the pictures)

Should be an edit out soon too so look out for that. Also thanks to all of my sponsors, HEAD, Animal, Bawbags, Snow factor, Librance, Planks and NMG Photography for providing me with all of my kit and for helping me get out there! I have the Scottish Championships at Cairngorm on Saturday so watch out for an update on that too! Finally a big thanks to the Birnee Trust for the grant I received this month, was really helpful!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Scottish Dryslope Champs

Had an amazing weekend at the Scottish dryslope champs at Bearsden. Slope was running really well and managed to get 1st in the under 16's category and 2nd Overall. Was so pleased with this as there was some really sick riders there. In my finals runs I got a cork 9 tail and a switch 9 mute that were some of the best I've done.
Thanks to Neil MacGrain for organising the comp.
Should have an edit out soon so look out for that!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scottish Champs

The Scottish indoor champs have just been and as always was a great event! 
Sadly I sketched out a little bit in my first run and washed out on my second.
Even with this I still got 3rd in the 13-16 category which is still a good result.
Cant wait for next years bigger and better comp!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Skiers trust Grant

I have just received a £500 check from the skiers trust, Thanks very much! Now going to Saas Fee in the summer for the training camp. Check out the skiers trust page and become a member now.